Choosing the best telecommunications provider for your company

Selecting the perfect telephony provider for your business is a complicated and time-consuming task due to the large number of companies involved. 

If you do a quick Google search you will end up comparing prices and features, getting overwhelmed. That is why from Micgrup we are going to give you the keys to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The first step is to be clear about your priorities and needs. What will help you decide?

This is a key point when you want to invest in any kind of new technology. You need to be very clear about what you want and what your company needs at that precise moment, before you can select the right company. 
We recommend that you make an evaluation of your current phone system and your level of satisfaction with its performance, see what features are missing and also involve your employees to ask them what technologies they would like to implement and which ones they think would improve productivity within the day to day running of the company.

How to choose your communications provider

Service offered by the provider

The most important thing to take into account when choosing a provider is the quality offered when making calls. From Micgrup, we offer HD quality audio, this so that your company improves and surpasses its competitors in the type of service you can offer to your customers.

Service rates

When you hire this type of service, the basic pack may not include additional functions or other rates. Although price is a very important factor, we should not be attracted by the cheapest providers because, in the vast majority of cases, cheap usually turns out to be very expensive. Above all! Make sure you get a breakdown of the various costs, the total amount in writing from the provider and the services you have contracted.

Which plan to choose?

The vast majority of communications providers offer a wide variety of plans for the customer to choose from, but the most important thing is that you find the perfect plan for your business. Thanks to the advice we offer you at Micgrup, you will be able to check if everything you need is included in the plan costs or if you will have additional recharges… these are factors to take into account.

Reliability of the provider

Making all the queries you have to the provider will help you to assess if the service they offer is the right one for your needs. Reviewing the comments of customers who have already used their services will help you to see how they treat them and what kind of reputation they have. Another factor to consider is the provider’s experience with companies in your industry, so that they can offer you customized features that best suit your needs.

Security of your data

All servers are exposed to certain risks, to attacks or intrusions with malicious intentions. In this case, specific tools to help you avoid this are of vital importance.Your provider should offer you a good encryption system so that no intruder can access and steal your information.

Quality level of technical support

An active, available when you need it and responsive provider will facilitate the correct and timely resolution of problems. You should be able to contact the service provider through multiple channels: email, chat, messaging, website and telephone… If you have any kind of problems that affect the development of your business activity, your provider’s technical staff should solve them for you as quickly as possible and without affecting your company’s production.

Unification of your communications

Unified communication unites all your communication channels in one place, in order to offer you a more complete, faster and more practical service for your company. This directly affects the productivity of your employees and will help improve the. Attention you offer to your customers.

The digitalization that thousands of companies are increasingly experiencing is the key to business success. Changing the responsiveness of an organization to interact between employees and customers, helps businesses to be much more competitive, implementing new strategies and betting on innovation within the company.

From Micgrup, our main goal is to provide your business with a solid and adequate telecommunications infrastructure that facilitates the proper functioning and performance of your facility. Call us!