You can now call 017 free of charge to answer questions about cybersecurity

New free telephone helpline for matters related to the security of your data on the Internet.

Spain has a multitude of short numbers to provide services of social interest, such as traffic information (011), gender violence (016), emergency services (112), Civil Guard (062), National Police (091), firefighters (080 local and 085 provincial), etc. Now, a new one will be added: 017, which is already operational.

In October 2019, the Government announced the creation of the 017 telephone number. In November 2019, it was announced that Telefónica was going to take over the management of the phone, and its launch date was also announced on February 11, 2020 on the occasion of Safer Internet Day. As of that date it is now available.

What is 017

017 allows any cybersecurity query to be made. The number has been launched by the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), whose aim is, in its own words, “to work to strengthen digital trust, raise cybersecurity and resilience and contribute to the digital market so as to boost the secure use of cyberspace in Spain”.

What number it replaces

Previously there was already a number to make this type of queries: 900 116 117. This number had been operational since 2017, offering help to resolve doubts and conflicts related to the use of the Internet and technologies by children, adolescents and parents. Now, 017 will replace it, offering the same services as before and expanding several of them.

These short telephone numbers are assigned by the Secretary of State, as they are of social interest and have to decide which number to assign. The CNMC also issues an opinion regarding these numbers, where the Ministry takes it into account, but it is not binding with respect to the final decision.

Thus, in this case, the CNMC recommended replacing the old telephone number with the new 017 to be more accessible. If cybersecurity is already something that many citizens overlook, this will seek to bring information closer to citizens.

Is 017 free?

017 is free, just like 900 116 117. Users will not have to pay anything, the cost being borne by the telephone service operators for pricing purposes, as is already the case with automatic collect calls. In addition to being free of charge, the number is also confidential, so the security and identity of callers will be safe at all times.

017 hours and who can call

The phone will continue to be accessible from all over Spain, and we can call between 9:00 and 21:00 on any day of the year (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays) about any questions related to cybersecurity, privacy, digital confidence, safe and responsible use of the Internet and technology. Now you can also call companies, educators or any citizen who has questions.

The team is also prepared to solve conflicts related to sexting, cyberbullying or grooming, with a specialized team of psychologists and educators. In turn, they also provide advice on how to use technological devices responsibly, how to protect computer equipment, or receive psychological support in the event of suffering a problem related to technology. In the area of payments, they also provide information on how to avoid phishing and the theft of bank cards over the Internet.

Cybersecurity is something that is of increasing concern to Spaniards, as we have more and more connected devices in our home and we have more information on our mobile, tablet or computer than anywhere else. Therefore, with the approach of this issue to the citizenship we are looking for the country to become safer and to make a responsible use of it instead of restricting access to technology in a way that supposes a brake in the training of minors.

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