Why is switchboard maintenance so important?

Telecommunications within any company are an essential part of their day to day, when the telephone switchboard of our organization stops working properly it causes us a whole series of great inconveniences that force us to have a maintenance service for your switchboard.

This will allow us to solve the problem or incident as quickly as possible, thus minimizing the impact on the day-to-day running of our company and its accounts.

Are your systems working optimally?

The first task we must carry out is an exhaustive and comprehensive check of the current state of the cabling, ruling out defects or possible damage.
Next, we will verify the current status of each of the connectors that are part of the system.
It is very important that we then carry out tests on the operation of all the systems in order to guarantee the reliability of the equipment. 
If any damaged or malfunctioning element is identified, it must be repaired or replaced.
Finally, we must thoroughly complete and update the documentation for all equipment and note when the equipment and cabling has been checked.

Inconveniences of having problems with your switchboard

Loss of sales because our customers will not be able to contact us.
Giving a bad image of the company because the failure in the switchboard, gives the impression that we have a poor infrastructure, few staff available and a bad customer service.
Difficulty and lack of response to solve (as soon as possible) the problems of your customers.
Delays in the internal communication of the company due to the fact that your employees will have to communicate in person and not by telephone.

When to repair your PBX

As we have seen throughout this article, the repair of telephone switchboards is crucial to be able to guarantee our company’s customers a continuous and secure service line. This will help to reinforce the good image of your company and will allow consumers to have a direct and uninterrupted communication with your business.
You must take into account that a day without receiving calls translates into a day of great economic losses for any company. Therefore, the maintenance of your company’s telephone switchboards is crucial to ensure a fluid and continuous communication with your customers.
The repair of these systems will allow all the employees in your office to continue sharing resources so that they can transfer customer calls between them and forward them to the appropriate personnel in each case and each moment.
A breakdown in your switchboard can be fatal because it can cause a bad image of your company because, usually, your customers can interpret it as your infrastructure is bad, your staff is poorly qualified or you do not care about your customer service.
There is no doubt that investing in PBX maintenance will be totally beneficial and essential for your company, since it allows you to increase the return on investment and give an image of seriousness to your customers.

Nowadays, the maintenance and repair of switchboards is essential for us to ensure that we provide an optimal service to our customers and that our internal infrastructure is not interrupted, they are an indispensable necessity. In short, having a good PBX maintenance offers us many advantages that will undoubtedly favor the productivity, reputation and growth of our business.

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