What is rack cabinet installation and relocation?

Rack cabinet combing is an activity that consists of organizing the company’s data cables.

It is very common to find racks with all the cables out of order, placed in any way and very chaotic. This can cause serious problems since servers heat up more due to less air flow and cause components to break down sooner. On the other hand, if a change has to be made, it is more likely that the person making the change will inadvertently touch something he/she shouldn’t and disconnect some equipment.

Why is it so important to have it well organized?

As we mentioned earlier, the cabinets containing wiring is one of the places that should be treated with more care within your company, we can not overlook that this place is the heart of the information system of your entire business, as it is the one that ensures the proper functioning of all internal processes.

Data cabinets are an element that was created to manage the entire internal network of a company, and it is for this reason that having them disorganized and without the cables previously identified, will interfere in the proper functioning and purpose of these storage systems.

Advantages of cabinet styling

Saving space and resources

One of the biggest benefits of having a wall rack is that you can forget about the space that all these cables would take up on the floor. This will allow you to have a better organizational system that will make the combing of all the cables a quick and easy task.

Customize the entire installation

Opting for a cabinet combing plan will allow you to choose from a wide range of solutions that best suit your company. Thanks to this service, we can customize the installation for better access and control of the equipment. Remember, the correct labeling of a cable facilitates quick changes in installations.


In structured cabling installations it is essential to have a good documentation of all the installed components that are in it. This documentation, to be as effective as possible, must be accompanied by a correct labeling of all components, so that the location of a particular sector is a quick and accurate task, while facilitating maintenance work and troubleshooting if necessary.

Protection against external agents

Well-closed and properly arranged racks ensure safe protection of all equipment against manipulation, dust and possible human error. Having a perfectly ordered rock will save time and resources for your company and your customers.

Avoid overheating

If all wiring is installed correctly, the chances of equipment overheating are very small. By having all the cables in place, the fans and vents will extract the hot air much better. This will prevent possible system failures and save you some headaches.

Increased performance

Having a structured cabling system means higher performance, which is made easier if we have a harmonious space. The speed of data transmission through the benefits of fiber optics is much higher in a clean and tidy space. Being a cutting-edge technology in the sector, its performance will always be superior to that of other alternatives, with a very long amortization and expected useful life.

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