The importance of having a good antivirus

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to surf the Internet without having all our computers properly protected against the large number of threats that await us on the network.

The probabilities of being victims of a virus or malware attack are infinite, that is why to avoid this type of situations we must have a good antivirus.

Installing a good antivirus for corporate use will protect your devices and hardware, emails, IP information and sensitive company data against viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing attacks, spam attacks and other cyber threats. 

What is an antivirus?

The main function of an antivirus is to ensure that the computer software, and its operating system, is free of any intrusion, runs correctly and is not the target of computer viruses, and if necessary, it will also disinfect the already damaged files to return the system to its natural state.
The purpose of antivirus software is to analyze, recognize, counteract and disinfect different types of computer viruses. The most popular or common ones are Spyware, Worms, Trojans or Rootkits.

Consequences of ignoring these threats

If your company’s computers are affected by a computer virus it can have very serious consequences for your business, the private information of your corporation and that of your customers is at the mercy of attackers with malicious intentions.
The most common characteristics if we suffer a computer attack of this type are:

  • Losing very important data that was not previously saved in a backup. Not only do we lose data, but also money.
  • The computers work with difficulty or are very slow and that makes that they can use us.
  • One of the most common, fraud and theft of personal data, which are used to extort money from the person who has suffered the attack.
  • Identity theft, where your computers will have a leading role, as they could be used by hackers to carry out attacks on other computers.

The dangers of operating without antivirus

When you do not have a good antivirus system installed on your company’s computers and they are connected to the Internet, the dangers (mentioned in the previous point) are much greater. It is worth mentioning that even if the computers are not connected to the network, it is possible that malware can also sneak in via an external USB stick.
Most of the computer viruses that affect our computers could be eliminated or blocked through a good antivirus software.

Advantages of hiring an antivirus in your company

Total protection against Trojans, worms and malware
This is the main reason why we should hire this service for our company. Malware, Trojans, worms… overload your computer’s resources, allow intruders to enter your computer and can even cause failures in your company’s servers.

Privacy protection
The antivirus products we offer at Micgrup are also designed to combat spyware or intrusions that affect the privacy of your data and that of your customers.
As a company, you have a moral and legal obligation to protect the data of third parties who have given you all that information, such as customers and suppliers.

E-mail analysis
Analyzing the files you receive via e-mail is also very important since there are apparently harmless attachments that may have been sent with malicious intent. 

Avoid adware problems
There are viruses that do not seek your data or invade your privacy but they can introduce advertising in the browser of your computers and that this one appears in all the pages that you visit. 

It guarantees the correct performance of your equipment
The ideal is to clean your computer of viruses on a regular basis, by installing a good antivirus and maintaining it correctly.
Think that this directly affects the productivity of your company and its employees, if you have any intrusive element the performance of your computer can make it take longer to complete the tasks you have to perform.

As a conclusion, the use of an antivirus is essential today so that we can browse the web, read emails and open the documents we receive, without the worry that we could be hit by an attack that destroys our data and those of third parties. In Micgrup we are specialists in computer security, stop and eliminate any malicious software with our corporate antivirus, ask for a free quote!