The 6 most frequent threats in computer security

If you do not have a good prevention system in place, you may face several IT problems within your company.

Without being aware of it, many of the IT security risks that we assume in our day-to-day work are due to lack of knowledge and lack of competent professionals to perform certain maintenance tasks.

If you do not want your company to suffer any type of IT attack, in today’s post we would like to introduce you to 6 behaviors that you should avoid if you do not want to suffer any type of intrusion in your system or any information theft.

We cannot ignore the fact that not investing in computer security or in a good firewall system for your company will entail very serious economic costs, since this may mean that production may have to be stopped during the time (sometimes extremely long) it takes to resolve the incident. On the other hand, data loss is an increasingly popular problem in the day-to-day life of any business. We are not only responsible for preserving and protecting our own data, but also that of our customers.

Working without antivirus

When you do not have a good antivirus system on your company’s computers and they are all connected to the Internet, the dangers to which you are exposed are much greater and more common. It is interesting to mention that, even if these computers are not connected to a network, they can also be infected with malware through an external USB memory stick, for example.
On the other hand, most of the computer viruses that affect our computers can be eliminated or blocked if we have quality antivirus software.

Not making backup copies

If you make this common mistake, you run the risk of losing a large number of vital files for you, your company and your customers. Most likely you store customer databases, catalogs with thousands of product references, your management software, bank data… Not having a system that generates automatic, secure and encrypted backups is a big mistake that can cost you tens of thousands of euros.
Having an external server in the cloud ensures that all your data is stored securely and, if your computers are affected, corrupted or damaged, you can recover them without any problem.

Not having a secure filtering system

Hundreds of emails (usually from unknown senders) and all kinds of documents coming from the network pass through your company’s computers every day. Cyber-criminals take advantage of this situation, the lack of knowledge and the predisposition of the average user so that he ends up giving in and downloading some infected element.
From Micgrup we advise you to avoid downloading e-mail attachments from people or entities that we do not know their origin. We should avoid clicking on links or providing personal or company data if we do not trust the sender.

Being overconfident in the face of external threats

Nowadays the vast majority of companies have an active presence on social networks, but we must never forget that threats to our internal security can also come from these platforms. The most common is to receive a direct message from a stranger, telling us to click on the link provided below. This link usually leads us to a website infected with malware or can also take us to a page where they try to collect our private data and those of our company.

Not having a secure data backup

As we have already mentioned throughout this article, data is one of the most important assets that every company has.
To avoid exposing your company unnecessarily, we must create automatic backups that allow, if necessary, the restoration of all our vital information before it is compromised. Backing up data also means creating encrypted copies and protecting the physical integrity of the storage unit.

Not investing in IT security

As you already know, trying to protect all company assets will require advanced solutions and regularly monitored updates. Companies that choose to use free security tools put their systems and information at risk.
Investing in a good security system or in a company that performs these updates for you will save you time, money and effort, since you will not see your company’s productivity, competence and security affected.

As a conclusion, we can assure you that shielding the computer security of our organization will make us work in a more profitable, efficient and safe way. If you find it difficult or cumbersome to take care of the security of your computers, we invite you to contact our specialists.

At Micgrup we have highly trained professionals ready to help you at any time. We provide you with our firewall, online backup, antivirus and system monitoring services, so don’t hesitate to contact us!