The 5 advantages of the virtual PBX for your company

From MicGrup, thanks to our virtual switchboard service, we want to facilitate a fast and efficient business communication, both internally and with your customers, this is an essential requirement for us.

In an increasingly saturated and demanding market, in which the constraints of time, place and space should not and cannot be a commercial obstacle, the application of the latest technological advances to services such as virtual telephony, virtual switchboards are indispensable in any field.

Many companies opt for this IP voice service which offers you the opportunity to have your own virtual telephone booth at a much more economical price than a traditional analog type.

What is a virtual PBX?

A virtual PBX is an IP telephony system that allows you to have several telephone stations or extensions, both fixed and mobile, in a single terminal. It is indispensable in any corporate environment, as it allows you to organize calls from anywhere. Provide your company with a very fast telephone connection.

One of the great advantages of the virtual PBX is that you can have as many extensions as you want, so you can better manage your company’s telephone system. It does not require a large amount of equipment because it is a digital software that is located on servers in the cloud and is managed from web interfaces.

Thanks to its connection via the Internet, users have access to detailed call statistics. They can see the time of the call, its duration and even the waiting time.


Forget about having a physical PBX

Traditional PBXs involve a series of very expensive installations for your company that easily become obsolete. With an IP PBX you only need to update it.

Less maintenance

A physical PBX requires continuous maintenance and a much longer, more cumbersome and complex cable assembly. When the traditional system suffers a failure, you cannot make connections until the damage is repaired. Virtual PBXs are much simpler, more productive and efficient.

Quality and security of IP telephony

IP telephony calls, with their location on the Internet, require certain mechanisms to ensure the privacy of our customers’ communications. These provide certain encryption methods that offer a high level of call and data security.

Geographical flexibility

As we mentioned in the first point, with virtual PBXs you do not need a wiring system, this allows you to place the extensions in as many places as you want and need, even in different countries if you have employees abroad.

New IP and mobile extensions

With virtual PBXs you are not forced to convert traditional landline phones into extensions. You can create an extension on other devices such as a cell phone, the IP address of a computer, among others.

In conclusion, the advantages offered by a virtual PBX in the management of calls in a professional way include the optimization of all the resources of your company, the reduction of maintenance and installation costs, the increase in employee productivity and the increase in the quality of customer relations. Therefore, it is of vital importance to choose the virtual PBX provider that best suits the needs of your company.

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