Unify Office: salvation in the office

The lurking dangers that can affect the performance of a disorganized office are very large and very common: if you are drowning in a huge amount of emails, getting lost in the number of tasks on a project or despairing at the constant back and forth from phone to computer… Then there is only one possible solution: Unify Office.

Unify Office offers you intelligent project management and brings together everything you need for day-to-day office work in one user interface: Video, telephony, chat and collaborative work on documents. With Unify Office, events and notes can be shared, and tasks can be assigned individually. All this facilitates and streamlines the management of any kind of project, transforming your office madness into an oasis of well-being and peace.

Those companies that still rely on analog communication solutions will immediately feel in seventh heaven when they finally have the advantages of a system that can be adapted to their needs, all their problems will vanish into thin air, facilitating the day-to-day running of your business.

Your business will benefit from the advantages of Unify Office solutions, because companies that decide to use Unify Office solutions for their communications will only have operating costs, will enjoy its flexibility, its great scalability, will be protected against failures caused by hardware errors, will have regular updates and will enjoy the highest security standards.

What solutions does Unify Office offer?

Unified, secure and scalable voice platforms with unified communications for any IT, voice or application environment.

Contact center platforms with complete service management, support and budgeting of inbound and outbound communications. Unify’s multichannel contact center solutions will help you achieve all your business goals.

Easy-to-use UC or unified communications applications help streamline your business communications and increase the overall productivity of your entire team. Unify Office gives you everything modern team members need in one place, on any device, from anywhere.

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, it improves the internal performance of all departments and raises the level of your company with unified communications specially designed and intended for SMEs. It is also worth noting that its extensive experience in creating real-time, enterprise-scale messaging and collaboration solutions is available to organizations of any size and sector.

Broad range of phones and desktop, mobile and softphone clients with industry-leading engineering and cost-effective network management. Add powerful business communications to those you already use frequently in your day-to-day business.

Increase and exceed the productivity of your company and your entire workforce by eliminating the constant interruptions in concentration caused by tedious application switching.

Don’t worry about sending or storage limits, you can send messages and share files to colleagues, partners and customers from any device, regardless of your location. This empowers remote work and makes work fit you, not you.

Offering out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce and over 200 apps, Unify Office blends seamlessly with other tools to create the perfect digital workplace.

At Micgrup we are aware that the way people work and communicate has changed a lot, especially in recent years. Whether your employees are returning to their on-site workplace, working remotely or have no fixed place to work, Unify Office has been designed to help them communicate and collaborate with the highest quality standards and make the most of their time. Call us and ask for a quote!